Friday, May 11, 2018

Does Australia Exist?

In "Australia" you can see a LOT of folks are just extras, instructed to play 'school children' for instance. The casting company does not even bother to make them look like individuals -- most kids wear exactly the same clothes! That's a dead giveaway. Also they are all way too well behaved and polite in and around public transport to be credible as real school kids. They are obviously into acting and appreciating the many gigs they get even if these don't pay well. 

Also the people playing 'neighbours' are unbelievably friendly, obviously these older actors are highly ambitious to get better roles in the near future and try to out-compete one another by being totally unrealistically patient and fun neighbours. 

Furthermore, in their way of speech many keep sending you the message that they are not real. Listen carefully and you'll notice that almost every sentence in speaking ends in a high 'question mark' sound, even when it's not a question. This means everyone is subliminally 'putting to question' their existence.

The props to suggest 'landscape' have been set up way too ambitiously, neglecting the necessary watering outside the direct view so lots of these catch fire because of the internal mechanisms getting overheated.

The 'animals' have been hastily designed with a ridiculous result: almost all birds are slap dash in their colours, all way overdone and the designers never got around to 'bird song' -- it's merely loud cries, screeching sounds that these 'birds' produce when they scare away animated funny furry creatures which would look great as a toy but too weird crossing the street or wobbling along on power lines (impossible!).

The elderly couples 'jogging' along to fill in the street view are just as incredible. No one is tremendously fat like real people are! I enjoy my stays there but I am always relieved when I get back on the plane to eventually be around real people, with their natural rudeness, stink and bad looks.

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