Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Adobe Creative Cloud: check in anytime, hardly ever leave

After having bought and used the standalone version of Adobe's LightRoom, and paying for updates, I found that the latest features came to the standalone version with a substantial delay and Adobe also made it ever more puzzling to find that standalone version on their website.

Eventually I just gave in and got the subscription version, effectively buying the same product twice.

Managing the subscription was a bit of a chore though and when I tried to end it, I found that this was near impossible. On the website it's explained as a more or less straightforward procedure but that only works until you actually try it out.

The first time I cancelled, the resulting screen told me I'd have to pay another 3 months since my current subscription was valid for another 6 months. I thought never mind but it made me firm in my decision to delete LightRoom and move on to another software package for my photos (Capture One).

After a few months of paying the monthly fee, I wondered what happened to my subscription and I discovered I needed to cancel again, and once more I followed the procedure, once again getting the screen that this was done effectively, again with a fine for leaving, paying for half of the remaining months until March this year.

Today I checked again and besides the monthly fee due and a notice that this needed processing from my bank, no sign of my cancellation being processed at all, even though I should have long been rid of the company due to my very first cancellation already.

Now I bit into it a little deeper and got in line for an online chat with customer service.

First the rather odd conclusion was that I could not get out since a payment was due. I entered the okay for the bank payment and then the outcome was I could still not get out because I should cancel my subscription within a small window of time somewhere in the future.

That was not acceptable to me because 1) I had cancelled several times already and 2) it looked like another entrapment because if I'd neglect to cancel in the given time window I'd be stuck for another year!

Luckily in the end the very kind service person cancelled my subscription effective immediately.

I am very determined to keep a BIG distance between myself and Adobe in the future.

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