Friday, February 26, 2016

It's really okay to start a paragraph with "I"

I sometimes see messages by people who seem to be scared to begin a paragraph with the word “I” even when it is the only natural word to start off with. Especially if the message they want to convey is about someting “I” did, wanted or wondered about.

Instead they start with “Okay, so I...” or “Alright, so I...”

Why "Okay"? What is okay here?

Why "so"? There is X so I want Y?

It’s like they want to check if the microphone is working before they start to talk for real. Switch on the microphone, say something unnecessary like "Hi everyone" and then say what they came to say.

But in a message, online, in an email or on a forum, that is not necessary, "alright so" people. If you type "I" and it appears, you know your keyboard is just fine and you can get straight to the point.

Try it!


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