Friday, July 10, 2015

Eleven Girls One Hardbody

Friday afternoon on a hot summer day in Amsterdam. I'm roasting coffee with the windows wide open when I hear excited screams and laughter from young female voices echoing outside, drawing near. A boat is passing by slowly. On it a group of young ladies, two males and one body builder.
All eyes are on the naked torso of the body builder. Two voluptuous ladies are filming, holding their phone cameras vertically to zoom in on the muscular young man but all girls hold a phone, a glass of wine or both.

Cheered on by the amused and amazed ladies the body builder removes his leather belt, wraps it around the neck of the one lady with a pink tiara and forces her head towards his crotch. This makes everyone very happy.
Then, with one hand the muscle man takes a firm grip on the girl's hair, he steps forward, rests one foot next to her on her seat and presses her mouth and nose deep into his crotch. She moves her head aside a bit but she can't escape yet and she's inhaling his body smells. This too pleases the company tremendously and more have begun to film, all vertically.
For a few moments the boat disappears behind a tree and then the man is dropping his pants. One girl on the boat applauds this move, others whistle and bend to get a closer look or briefly seem to look away.
As they start to move out of my view, the man reaches over and opens a fair sized bottle of Johnson's Baby Oil.
I look around and it seems almost nobody else is watching this scene. People passing by on their bicycles look up for a moment but then they just go about their way.

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